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Abe Lincoln did it.  So did John F. Kennedy.

These innovative leaders asked great questions – lots of them.

The entrepreneurial founders of 25 of the world’s most innovative companies (including Apple, eBay, and Skype) had one striking thing in common according to a Harvard University study.  They all believed in asking powerful questions to create revolutionary new ways of doing business and solve really tough problems.

Great presidents do the same thing.  Take Abraham Lincoln.  His 1861 Inaugural Address is filled with courageous questions for his troubled times.  Exactly one hundred years later, John F. Kennedy asked this famous question in his 1961 Inaugural Address: “My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.”

Albert Einstein was once asked why he was so much smarter than ordinary people.  His reply?  “It's my ability to ask the right questions!  Clearly and cleanly.”

So, why don’t we pay more attention to our own questions?  It’s because nowadays we’ve become fixated on producing quick answers and fast solutions.  Often we fail to question the underlying problems and assumptions – which frequently come back to haunt us later.

And sometimes we hate to admit we really don’t know much about questioning skills.  Chances are, no one has ever taught you how.

Contact us today to learn how.

We offer leadership development programs, strategic planning, executive and career coaching, and specialized retreats based on creating your own organizational or personal Best Questions.

We also have hundreds of standardized, practical 10 Best Questions® lists to solve all kinds of management problems.

So you can truly be your best.

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