How to Use These Questions

Access the right questions and experts’ best answers on your phone at the exact moment you need them. If you are facing a crisis, dreading a difficult conversation, or want practical questions to save time and money, you can stop guessing and start asking.

Each list of 10 questions has one extra question called the “Golden Question.” The “Golden Question” is the best of the Best Questions – the one question you don’t want to forgot to ask.

There are also “Best Answers” for every question, condensed from extensive expert advice. All questions and answers are researched-based with up to 80+ expert sources behind every question. “QDoc’s Tips” is practical advice on how to ask questions successfully.

Most importantly, these questions aren’t set in stone. They are for real, constant, and everyday use. I hope you’ll actually ask them, adapt them, skip around, and create your own questions.

The lists here are just the tip of the iceberg. Coming in 2016, all the “Related” hyperlinks will be live, and each category will have many more lists of 10 Best Questions. If you have questions or contributions, please let me know at:

Thanks and happy asking!

Dr. Dede Bonner
“The Question Doctor”