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Asking questions can be a lifesaver.

A good mind knows the right answers...but a great mind knows the right questions.  And never are the Best Questions more important than after the life-altering diagnosis of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease or fibromyalgia.

The many lists of the 10 Best Questions® in these four books will guide you when you are talking with your medical team about your treatment choices, managing pain, and during your road to recovery with healthy lifestyle changes.

There are the 10 Best Questions® for choosing the best doctors, hospitals, and surgeons. You’ll also learn what to ask for situations such as:

  • Getting dad to stop driving (Alzheimer’s book)
  • Breaking your smoking habit (Heart Attack book)
  • Taming your stress (Heart Attack book)
  • Facing surgery (Breast Cancer book)
  • Keeping better sleep (Fibromyalgia book)
  • Brain fitness (Alzheimer’s book)
  • Telling your children about your disease (Breast Cancer book)
  • Finding a great gym or personal trainer (Heart Attack book)

In addition, each 10 Best Questions® book also features lists of the 10 Best Questions® for better emotional, relationship, sexual, financial, and spiritual health after a major health crisis or diagnosis of serious illness.

These books feature cutting-edge research and advice, detailed Best Answers, and the Best Questions derived from dozens of interviews from the top experts and experienced celebrity patients.  Each chapter also has Magic Questions™ – the smartest questions that most people never think to ask.

Become your own best advocate in conquering your illness with these books.  Keep them handy for trips to the doctor’s office, when talking with your partner, and when you are feeling depressed or stressed out.

Information is the best medicine.  Your prescription for good health starts by becoming a well-informed and empowered patient. Then you’ll be ready to face the often confusing and overwhelming uncertainties of medical care and terminology.

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